I first came across this document in photo-copy form in around 1997. My father had been doing family history research into our HODDY ancestors in Suffolk. In his researches came across a William Hoddy (born 1750) and somehow discovered that there might be some documentation written about him held at Dr. Williams's Library in Bloomsbury, London.

My father visted the library and found that the document in question contained a lovely portrait of our ancestor. It was astonishing because we had always believed that our HODDY ancestors were of little interest to anyone but ourselves; my father knew of no Baptist tradition in the family and had believed that he had descended from a long line of agricultural labourers. My grandfather, who served in Palestine during the Great War and learned to swim in the River Jordan, certainly never mentioned anything to us and I suspect he didn't know either.

Whilst Octoginta's account includes much information which may be of use to other family history researchers, I think it can be enjoyed simply for what it is; an account of the early Baptist Church in Suffolk. I don't think it's necessary to be religious or have an interest in the Baptist Church to enjoy reading this document.

I believe that Octoginta is Cyprian Thomas Rust. I cannot now remember how it is I "know" this. I'll dig out my notes and I'll update this page when I find out.

I've scanned the photo-copy and preserved the pagination in both of the two versions I have transcribed.



Tim Hoddy  October, 2014